Power the future


Leading Solar Cells into a New Era

Singfilm Solar leads the global perovskite solar cell technology, committed to producing a new generation of solar cells with higher efficiency, longer lifespan, and lower cost.


Pioneering tandem solar cells for enhanced efficiency and renewable energy breakthroughs.


Revolutionizing indoor energy with perovskite solar cells for ambient power sources.


Our perovskite solar cells reshape possibilities in portable and adaptable energy solutions.


Elevating solar cell production through standardized excellence in manufacturing.


By integrating the innovative Quasi-Monocrystal technology and unique light management techniques, Singfilm Solar creates innovative products surpassing the performance of single-junction cells, making previously expensive and limited-to-satellite applications of multi-junction cells accessible to the public.

Life Span

history tells us components that can stably generate electricity in harsh environments can only stand the test of time. Singfilm Solar focuses on enhancing the stability of perovskite solar cells. Benefited from the “Quasi-Mono” technology, components produced by Singfilm Solar perform confidently in both regular ISOS-L1 and severe ISOS-L3 conditions, ensuring the satisfaction of customer demands.


Cost reduction is the key. Singfilm Solar is actively establishing a comprehensive standardized production process with a carefully designed data storage mechanisms to accelerate research and development. A creative proposal of new preparation methods, focusing on yield, production pace, and perovskite principles, has improved manufacturing efficiency by at least 30%, laying the foundation for the next generation of technology.