22.6%! Singfilm Solar Breaks World Record Efficiency in Perovskite PV Modules

2024.07.03, Singapore

Singfilm Solar, a leading innovator in the research and manufacturing of high-efficiency perovskite solar cells, has announced a significant milestone. The company’s self-developed perovskite solar module has achieved a steady-state conversion efficiency of 22.6%, certified by authoritative institutions. This breakthrough has earned a place in the esteemed Martin Green’s Solar Cell Efficiency Tables (Version 64), marking the continued recognition of Singfilm Solar’s innovations by this authority. This achievement underscores Singfilm Solar’s pioneering status in the global perovskite field and highlights the potential for transitioning from laboratory research to commercial production.

Founded in July 2023 in Singapore, Singfilm Solar’s team brings over a decade of experience in perovskite materials, processes, and equipment. The company is focused on developing and producing highly efficient and stable perovskite cells.

The improvement of photovoltaic conversion efficiency is crucial, as each 1% increase can result in a 4% rise in power generation and revenue. Perovskite cells, with their ideal band gap width, offer theoretical efficiencies of over 33% for single-junction and 45% for tandem cells, far exceeding traditional crystalline silicon cells. This positions perovskite as the next-generation photovoltaic material.

Despite its potential, the widespread adoption of perovskite in the photovoltaic industry has been hindered by stability challenges. Achieving a balance between power conversion efficiency and operational stability under complex conditions, while also ensuring manufacturing scalability, remains a critical hurdle. Moreover, exploiting the unique properties of perovskite, such as adjustable band gap, lightweight, high efficiency, and simple raw materials, to develop various photovoltaic products for different applications is a significant challenge in its commercialization.

Singfilm Solar’s proprietary Quasi-Mono high-quality perovskite industrial preparation technology supports high-throughput continuous production on large rigid and flexible substrates. Accelerated aging tests have validated the commercial product’s lifespan, making Singfilm’s commercial-sized perovskite modules the first to combine high efficiency, stability, and manufacturability. The company holds several core technologies in perovskite materials, preparation methods, and cell and module structures.

Presidential Young Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS). A pioneer in perovskite research, Professor Hou’s work has been published in top academic journals such as Science and Nature. The establishment of Singfilm Solar has received substantial support from NUS, providing a strong scientific foundation for the company’s rapid development.

In early 2024, Singfilm Solar secured angel funding led by Legend Capital. This financing aims to expand Singapore’s pilot line, enhance the R&D team, and develop a global client base.

Professor Yi Hou, founder of Singfilm Solar, stated:

We are standing at the pinnacle of a perovskite technology revolution, committed to transforming laboratory innovations into real-world applications. Singfilm has not only repeatedly broken the records of the power conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells but has also continuously made significant progress in device stability and scalable manufacturability.

I am filled with anticipation and excitement for Singfilm’s first commercial project in Europe. This is not only a recognition of our team’s technological maturity but also an important step in showcasing innovative clean energy solutions to the world.

I would like to thank Legend Capital and all the partners who support Singfilm. It is your trust that allows us to keep moving forward. We look forward to welcoming a brighter future for perovskite technology together with you all.

Managing Director of Legend Capital, Wenlong Wang, commented:

Singfilm is dedicated to creating the next generation of mainstream photovoltaic products, attracting top experts in perovskite research and thin-film industrialization from around the world. The team possesses comprehensive and solid technical expertise, and what is even more commendable is their focus on addressing the challenges of mass production implementation from day one. Legend Capital, leveraging its years of experience in the new energy industry, actively provides equipment, materials, application scenarios, and sales channels to support product development and commercial implementation. Congratulations to the company for breaking the world record on its debut. We look forward to this young, high-potential team continuing to make breakthroughs and achieve future milestones.