Singfilm Solar's founder, Professor Hou Yi, has published a new world record for perovskite solar cells in the prestigious energy journal "Nature Energy"

Pubulish Time: 2024.01.08

Recently, Professor Hou Yi, a professor at the National University of Singapore and founder of Singfilm Solar, made a significant breakthrough in the field of inverted perovskite solar cells. The research findings have been published in the prestigious international energy journal “Nature Energy.”

Professor Hou Yi’s team, under his leadership, has successfully developed a novel P-type transport layer—antimony-doped tin oxide (ATO)—and effectively applied it to inverted perovskite solar cells. This innovation not only significantly elevates the technological level of solar cells but also brings enormous potential to the field.

Due to ATO’s chemical inertness to perovskite materials, it effectively reduces the formation of interface defects during preparation and aging processes, thereby suppressing non-radiative recombination in the device. The results show that the efficiency of small-area inverted perovskite solar cells based on ATO reaches as high as 25.7%, demonstrating excellent operational stability. Additionally, the deposited perovskite on ATO exhibits outstanding uniformity, enabling inverted perovskite solar cells based on ATO to achieve a steady-state certified efficiency of 24% on a 1-square centimeter area (currently a world record according to published literature). This achievement marks a crucial step towards the commercial application of low-cost, high-efficiency, and stable perovskite solar cells.

Singfilm Solar, established in July 2023 and headquartered in Singapore, is a green energy technology company dedicated to the research, development, and production of perovskite solar cells and related technical products. The company is renowned for its innovative research in perovskite solar cell technology and is committed to advancing the development and application of renewable energy technologies, making significant contributions to global sustainable energy solutions.